How to Become an Escort in Nairobi

how the escort business is booming in nairobi

The escort industry in Kenya has grown by leaps and bounds, thanks in no small part to technological advancements and online platforms becoming among the leading platforms where Kenyans can make money.

While there are many Escorts in Kenya, most ladies and gentlemen who wish to join the industry struggle. Below we will highlight a few ways one can become an escort in Nairobi.

Through online directories

An online escort agency is one of the easiest and most reliable platforms to begin your work in the adult entertainment industry. Nairobi county is a very industrialized area, which draws a lot of escorts from all over Kenya.

You can begin to imagine how high the competition really is therefore in order for you to get the first calls from clients on a regular basis, a lot of advertising has to be done. All these reasons are why it may be better for you to work directly with an online agency. 

The most well-known escorts in Nairobi estates have many customers which guarantees them a steady flow of work and money. But how do you do this?

Online call girls basically have sex worker catalogues and advertisements with their personal mobile phone numbers on the internet. In addition, you can also find virtual brothels where you can offer your professional services.

If you want an authentic source to register as an escort, make sure the website is already up and running. These sites are a good place to start since the platforms are genuine and legit. Before verification, the escorts are taken through a rigorous vetting process to ensure their genuineness.

You can also list the erotic services that clients can check up on before signing up for something you are not comfortable performing. Some of these websites include Nairobi Raha, Nairobi Adults, Elites Beauty SPA,Nairobi Escorts

So, how do clients reach you?

As an online escort in Nairobi, clients will always use the phone number displayed on your advert to call or WhatsApp you directly. For a booking, you can provide them with Incalls or Outcalls depending on the services you provide and what they need. 

Lastly, remember that a good website has reviews from people that have already hired the service. You can also read the blogs of such websites that have been posted by users. These can serve as very important guidelines to ensure you give a VIP experience. 

Working as a street escort

While we do not recommend becoming an escort in the streets of major towns, it is another way you can get into the adult industry. Along Nairobi’s major streets and in the downtown areas of the city, you will always find escorts standing by in a bid to convince passers to quench their thirsts.

These are the kinds of sex workers or escort in Nairobi that solicit clients walking down the streets, taking a walk in the park, or going about their businesses in residential areas, transportation hubs like train and bus stations, cheap hotels and lodging areas or other public areas. 

It is well known that street escorts have lower status and class than indoor call girls. In short, this is a cycle of engaging in escorting, getting arrested, being taken to jail, paying bail out fines and returning to the streets.

Keep in mind that the supply of clients and hence money is unpredictable since it depends on convincing some random passersby to engage with you. If you decide to pick such an arrangement in your escapades, you can service your clients on the streets, in vehicles and lodgings.

Since you are a freelancer you face risks directly related to the clients that you will interact with. You might be harmed, robbed, assaulted and defrauded. If you are lucky to find a pimp, they may financially and physically exploit you which is similar to domestic violence.

In most cases, street escorting and street drug markets are closely related. Most of your workmates will already be users of illegal drugs such as cocaine and heroin. This means you are exposing yourself to more harm. 

Most of the clientele this gets you are men attracted to the illegal nature of the encounter, crave for sexual acts they lack at home, see it as a non-committal and purely transactional relationship. Finally, it goes without saying, this arrangement has many risks because you are out there on your own trying to get clients.

Becoming an independent escort

As an independent escort, you work alone without an agency behind you. This is because at an agency you always have to split your hard-earned money with the agency. While independent escorts are not that different from others, you get to set your prices and pick your own clients since you are working alone.

Being an independent escort does not mean that you are just a normal call girl or a street worker. It just says you prefer to work alone. You are also free to decide whether you can host the clients at your own place or visit them at their own homes and hotels.

The internet has made it possible for such escorts to go self-promote with the aim of building a client base. These call girls offer the same standard escort services that you would get anywhere else.  Kindly join Nairobi Raha here>>

Working in brothels & massage parlours

Brothels are just safe houses used to provide sex and erotic pleasures to willing clients. If you decide to work in a brothel or massage parlour, your security is at least guaranteed in comparison to the streets.

Most men also prefer to visit brothels to get escorts who have already specialized in the business hence professional and discrete. With brothels, the charges may vary but you serve even more than ten clients a day.

Unlike other call girls, the house mother will always brief you before you engage with the men that come in. The clients are also free to even request you to play dress up and role-playing according to whichever fetishes they might have.

The best thing about brothels is what the client sees is what they get, such that there are no pressures for you to over-engage in your performances. Furthermore, since the client is guaranteed what they requested, they will gladly pay more for the security and discrete nature of the encounter.

Massage parlours are safe houses dedicated to providing and giving massage and another range of sexual services to willing gentlemen. This is what is known as “Massage and Extras”. Some barbershops also serve as discreet massage parlours where you can also get erotic services on the menu.

Escort in Nairobi

Safety Tips For Dating Nairobi Escorts online

Nairobi Escorts directory

Nairobi Raha escorts

Nairobi Escorts??Let’s face it: It’s the digital age. We spend a lot of time on our mobile devices surfing the internet and using various social media platforms. It is inevitable that on these platforms, we will make friends and form relationships.

Many people have formed strong friendships from online connections, many have met their partners online, Especially on Nairobi Escorts and even gotten married to people they met on social media or dating sites like Tinder, Grindr or Bumble.

It is no longer taboo to say you met a friend or partner online, as evidenced by the cute and viral hashtag #WeMetOnTwitter which celebrates marriages, relationships, friendships, and even business partnerships that began on Twitter.

Nairobi raha escorts

Find a clinic near you.

However, taking an online relationship offline i.e. meeting the person for the first time can often pose a security risk. This is especially so for women, people living with disabilities, queer people and other groups who are vulnerable. It is important to make personal security a priority when having a “blind date”. I say blind date because of the popular social media phenomenon ‘catfishing’.

Catfishing happens where a person creates a deceptive social networking presence, or fake identity on a social network account, to trick people into thinking they are somebody else. So, even if you have seen several photographs or videos of a person on their social media profile, it is not a 100% assurance that they are who they say they are.

  • When you start talking to a person you met online, it is important to verify that they say they are who they are. Most people have an extensive social media presence that you can use to validate their identity. If all the social media platforms a person is using are new, that’s a red flag. They just may be fake accounts. Check for mutual friends, use a search engine like google to search their full names for any public information about them. Use the Google reverse image search tool to look up their images. If the photos they shared with you are the same with profiles of people with a different name, then something fishy is definitely going on. Ask them questions if things seem unclear; call out inconsistencies in their information and see how they react. If your research and instincts tell you that a person is not who they claim to be, you should probably trust that.
  • Photographs and videos may be deceptive, but video calls are a sure way to find out if a person is who they say they are Request for a video call using any of the several platforms with video call features like Instagram, WhatsApp, Skype, Facetime, Google Duo. Make sure that the person is in a lit-up environment. A video call where you can’t see the person because there’s ‘no light’ or it’s late at night is pointless. If the other person refuses or keeps making excuses not to video call, it’s a pretty good sign that they’re being deceptive. It’s better to request a video call as early as is possible and polite, so you don’t waste your time and energy getting to know a fake persona.
  • Do not share sensitive personal information with anybody until you’re sure you can trust them; and even then, share details sparingly. As exciting as it can be to meet someone who you connect with online, you mustn’t ditch common sense Keep your private information private. Do not divulge information like your home or work address, debit card details, or BVN. Avoid sending compromising photographs or nudes with them. Once you have sent such an image to them, it is entirely out of your control and can be passed on to others, either deliberately or accidentally. Even after you have met multiple times, and you’re sure you can trust them, carefully guard private information that can lead to dire consequences if leaked.
  • When it’s time to meet, do so during the day, and in a public, neutral place. Ideal places are malls, cinemas, restaurants or fast food joints. It’s not a good idea to meet at their place, or their friend’s place, or a hotel. Decide on a meetup spot before the day of the meeting; don’t agree to meet at a bus stop or a landmark and proceed from there. Make sure to let a friend or relative know where you’re headed, with the full address, phone number and name of the Nairobi Escorts . Use features like Google Maps’ and WhatsApp’s share live location to let your friends or relatives know where you are at every moment. If possible, suggest a group date where you both bring a friend along. Be conscious and alert of your environment always. If you notice any person or vehicle stalking you, scream for help. Never leave your food or drink unattended while on the date. If you must excuse yourself, do not come back to the meal or drink.
  • Continue to be security conscious, even after the first date. It is important to always prioritize your security , see some terms & conditions tips that might enlighten you during social interactions. Look out for red flags, trust your guts, and stay cautious. Happy dating!

Do you have any other safety tips you would like to share? Drop them in the comment section. Who knows, someone might learn from what you have to say.

Nairobi Escorts

Why American or European Tourists Love Kenyan call girls and escorts girls in Nairobi Raha

Nairobi Raha::Kenyan sex, or simply sex in Kenya or if u prefer Kenya sex, is a hot topic among sex tourist in Kenya.  Hey i decided to write this story coz its real and all ladies who have done it can attest to the facts.

First, and don’t try to deny this, u have seen those jung’us with Kenyan girls. Have u ever seen a jungu with Akinyi mwenye rasa imefika westie mwili ikiwa tao? Why? Thin Kenyan girls do know how to screw n do the magical Kenyan 5ex. Second reason why jung’us love those thin Kenyan ladies is because, most sex tourists in Kenya have weird 5exual behaviors. Most of the guys love kunfungua boot. They say 5ex in Kenya is special coz most of those Kenyan girls hawajawahi funguliwa boot… (but ladies if u ever have been funguliwa, share with us, ama jamaa kama unafunguanga, share it here).

So the thin Kenyan girls when they stay doggy style, n they bend forward, the ass opens wide n the mzungu is able to have a clear view of her ass as well as clear penetration of her asshole…… if ushawahi manga dame ako na rasa kubwa, doggy style, u understand what am saying. Ni ngumu sana kuingiza dicki hata kwa senye.
Another reason, and am saying this out of experience with Nairobi raha girls karumaindo mapoko na three aden mapoko, Kenyan girls and nairobi escorts have a unique way of screaming that makes the guy fuck even harder……though at times poko anafikiria juu ya rent. You see, sex in Kenya is special, atleast to the white guys. They Kenyan girls will scream n thank you a million times for fucking them.

By the way the poko I fucked from karumaindo had asked me niongeze mia moja apige nduru kabisa. The other reason is that, Kenyan 5ex is cheap. What with 5 dollars, considering the inflation, that is 500 bob, unkula senye mpaka morning. One guy was quoted saying….kenya 5ex the best. He was an italiano. 

There is one Kenyan girl who told me they were f*cked 2 ladies by one guy coz he was paying each 5,000. This Kenyan girl from the village had nothing to loose n everything to gain for being one of the supplier of Kenyan 5ex to 5ex tourists.

She told me this guy swallowed some tabs before they engaged him. Oooh boy….they guy wakati alisimamisa, he went for like 5hrs bila kumwaga. This ladies were at first enjoying but kutoka kitu 2hrs, hahahaha considering each 1hr, they were screaming in pain.

The guy alindunga mkundu, then he is fucking like ako na vibrator kwa mgongo… chachachachachacha…. jamaa hachoki na hamwagi…. akiona huyu ameumia, anakuanya anaingia dame 2…..kuma for lubrication then mkundu….the girls could not put up any fainted. Then the guy had put a tape recorder on and he was recording the whole Kenyan sex movie. Mennnnnn what a fuck

So if u hear ur sis ama cuzo ama any Kenyan girl ako na mzungu….chances are that, she can withstand high velocity anal f*ck than u can f*ck an old mamas pussy.

Enjoy Kenyan 5ex, love sex in Kenya.

The Different Types and Costs of Sexy Nairobi Escort Girls and Nairobi Escorts

Kenya is still a hidden gem in many ways, from general tourism and flourishing urban areas to the massive amount of incredibly hot women there, a good portion of which are definitely available for a price.

Curious as to how much it’s going to cost you for some time with these women? You’re in the right place. Below, I’ll go over the various types of Nairobi Escorts and prices for sex throughout Kenya.

Kenya is one of those typical places where prostitution is outlawed, but not really policed. Some things have gotten a little stricter recently, but mainly just in regard to brothels.

For the most part, things are fairly cheap here, and the Escorts in Nairobi are laid back and not as drama-filled as some other places. And like some other places, even if a girl in the nightlife isn’t a full-time prostitute, she’s often for sale for the right price, which keeps things interesting.

I’ve gone over it in other articles about Kenya, but always make sure to have some small gifts on you to give girls.

Nairobi Escorts in The Streets

Hooker in Kenya

It’s really not all that hard to find swaths of street prostitutes in Kenya, especially in bigger cities like Nairobi Escorts, and the greater Mombasa area. These girls are out at all times of day and tend to hang out in packs, mainly on the more run-down parts of town – at least during the day.

At night, you’ll notice them out and about around all the main entertainment areas, and they’ll be on the lookout for drunk dudes who will have a hard time saying no, or at least trying to negotiate a price. If you’re in a popular nightlife zone, you can often find some fairly hot girls that are certainly a lot more alluring than your average streetwalker.

Most of these girls will do pretty much anything, and typically for the lowest price out of all the various types of hookers here in Kenya. You’ll need to have a hotel or airbnb however. Expect things to be a little rushed unless the girl is actually into you at least somewhat. Be firm on pricing, and don’t pay until after you’re done.

  • Prices: If you’re experienced with street girls, you know the prices can fluctuate all over the place, but you can also usually find the cheapest sex with these girls, especially when it’s later in the night. For a short time, expect to pay about KSh 1,000.

Kenyan Bar / Club Girls

This is where you should be doing most of your scouting. Like many Latin areas, Kenyan hookers are mainly found hanging out at bars and nightclubs, striking up conversations with potential clients and having a drink or two.

This also makes it a little hard to determine who is and who isn’t a freelancer when you’re out at night, but after being here for a day or two, you’ll get a much better feel for it. Many of these girls will boldly approach you when you’re by yourself, and either ask for a drink, or simply discuss business upfront. It’s better to stay and hang with her for a little bit before heading out – some surface level companionship is part of the experience.

As with street girls, you can haggle the girl down a little bit, and decide on what’s going to happen. And also as with street girls, don’t pay until after.

  • Prices: It depends on the night, the girl, and you, but hookers in bars and clubs will typically cost you KSh 2,000 to 4,000 for sex. You might be able to get her to stay over for another KSh 500.

Kenyan Massage Ladies In Nairobi

If you’ve already been to Thailand and really enjoyed these type of “happy ending massages” – you will have a very difficult time finding such places in Kenya. It’s probably because sex tourism in general is still at a relatively low level here so the prostitutes usually just hang out in the nightlife spots.

There are a few erotic massage parlors in Nairobi and Escorts in Nairobi though.

  • Prices: You can expect to pay around KSh 8,000 for a full massage and sex session in Kenya’s naughty massage salons.

Kenyan Brothel Girls

Brothels used to be a pretty big thing in Kenya, and kind of one of those open secrets where they weren’t really allowed, but nobody said anything. Unfortunately, times have changed, and brothels have become scarce, hard to find, and hard to depend on.

There are still plenty of brothels in seedier areas, but believe me, you don’t want to be hanging around these parts. They’re more for locals who know a lot more about what’s going on than you.

With that said, you can often find some dudes in Kenya who will point you in the way of the nearby brothels, so if you can find one, and you’re feeling adventurous, it may be worth it. Some strip clubs may still operate as brothels too.

  • Prices: This one definitely varies now, but full service at a nicer place can run anywhere from KSh 1,500 to 3,500 for an hour session with sex.

Nairobi Raha Escorts Dating Site

If you are looking for a travel companion with all the benefits that come along with it, Seeking Arrangement is a hugely popular site for western men to support local ladies financially and in exchange get them as their temporary (or permanent) girlfriend.

  • Prices: It really depends on each girl, means how attractive and how confident she is. Some ladies will be happy if they can stay with you and you pay for all her expenses, while others additionally expect some pocket money.

Kenyan Escort Girls

Nairobi Escorts are readily available in most every country at this point, and it’s always a great thing. In Kenya, the process is the same as it is anywhere else. You can either call an agency Like Nairobiraha Website  or take the much more modern and convenient approach and find one of the many agencies online that will actually let you browse through the various girls available.

You’ll notice that many of the girls are on multiple sites, but that’s just how it is. If you don’t really feel like getting out that day or night, or just want to be able to pre-screen your prospective girl beforehand, an escort is always a great decision, and they have some amazing ones in Kenya, and not all of them are African by any means – but there are plenty if needed.

Best Nairobi Adults services, click here

You’re going to pay the most when going the escort route, but that shouldn’t be a surprise. Just pick your “services”, contact the girl or agency, and you can decide on the price upfront. She might be willing to do more once she’s there though, depending on how it goes.

  • Prices: Again, this uptick in convenience and overall quality will cost you more. Most escorts start around KSh 4,000 for an hour, sometimes even KSh 5,000 or more. You may be able to negotiate a few more services and an increase in time, or pay another KSh 4,000 to get her to stay the night.

Kenya still has a lot of unfair stereotypes for some, but for those that make their way down for a visit, you’ll find that there’s a great time to be had with some of the hottest and most laid-back women you’ll ever be around – and it won’t cost you much at all.

Here are our suggestions for possible and safe escorts in Nairobi Websites

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Masturbation Or Sex, which way?

Sex:Almost everyone masturbates or does have sex– it’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s just part of being a sexual person.

Living with a disability doesn’t mean you have to miss out on masturbation. It’s a great way to get to know your own body, find out what turns you on, and enjoy yourself. It’s safe and can help you find out what works for you. You don’t need a partner to experience sexual pleasure – and even if you’re in a relationship, there’s no reason not to masturbate.

It makes no difference whether you have a disability or not. Sex is usually a strong pleasure

Finding a sex girl near your town

Nairobi Raha is a call girls sex directory, you can meet many ladies here who normally do squirting for money.Is that masturbation?

Whatever you’ve heard about masturbation, don’t worry: you will not become, skinny, weak, or mad from masturbating. It doesn’t give you a stomach ache or fever. It won’t affect your fertility. And there’s no age limit – most people masturbate, whether they’re very young or elderly. You can masturbate as often as you want, and for as long as you want. Nothing bad will happen.

It’s completely normal to fantasize when you masturbate, even if you think about something you wouldn’t consider doing in real life.

How to masturbate

If you can’t reach your penis or vagina with your hands, you can use toys to masturbate. There are vibrators with extra-long handles for that purpose. You can also try to masturbate without using your hands – you can try to rub yourself against a pillow or the mattress, for example.

Try to masturbate in a relaxed, private setting and give yourself lots of time. Look at some arousing pictures, use toys and plenty of lubrication, and don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t work. If you’re in a relationship, you can have fun masturbating with your partner – ask them to give you a hand.

Things may not work out immediately. Patience may be the key, and if it isn’t, have a chat with your healthcare provider – they made be able to help you.

If you can’t get an erection or are physically aroused, that is okay. There are plenty of body parts that can create sexual pleasure. However, do not hesitate to talk to your healthcare provider. It may have something to do with your condition or treatment, and your doctor will be able to discuss the options with you.


It’s your right to be sexually active. But if you share a room with someone else and there’s not much privacy, it can be difficult to ask for it. Or perhaps your disability means you need some help to masturbate. You might have to talk to someone about it, and that’s not easy.

But be brave! Masturbation is normal, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t enjoy it. Look at it this way: whoever you talk to about it, you can be almost sure that they masturbate too. And if they can, why shouldn’t you?


Where and How to find the best call girls services and Nairobi Escorts girls in Nairobi

Welcome to Kenya where we have lots of Escorts services in Nairobi. If you are new or you have just arrived in Kenya, Nairobi city to be precise and you need to get a call girl for a night, there are many places or joints you can visit.

In popular red-light streets like Koinange, Sabina joy Luthuli avenue and probably almost all streets at night, you shall find twilight girls skimpily dressed, exposing their flesh to those that seek to that their deir desires are well taken care of and with this kind of dressing, you don’t need an interpreter to tell you whether they (ladies) are in business.

You can as well visit well-known brothels that charge so cheap as compared to those on the streets, with just 10$ equivalent to 1100 Kenya shillings you can bargain your way with a call girl and enjoy her companion the whole night.

Known brothels::

Nairobi Raha Escorts

Nairobi Adults

Sabina joy

Modern green


Luthuli Avenue buildings etc..

How safe am I with Nairobi call girls or escort ladies or Nairobi escorts I find in the streets?

Finding a call girl or escort ladies in Nairobi for escort services in Nairobi is a double gamble. Most are ruthless and will drug you and have you lose consciousness and they will steal everything valuable from you.

However, there are those ladies that are in for business and mostly are escorts in Nairobi city /towns and they will look your client to be and somehow treat you with respect and will offer full-blown sexual affairs in exchange for more cash on top of the pay.

It has been in the news that male clients have been drugged, beaten, and forced to part with more cash beyond the agreed amount.It is for this reason we encourage men to always get or recommend men to get ladies from online call girls directory websites, most probably because most web administrators have contacts of the listed call girls.

However, not all Escorts websites are recommended but with a lot of experience, i can recommend men to get services from websites such as Nairobi Raha and Nairobi Call girls. Most certainly, if the deal goes sour, there shall always be a traceback.

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