Why American or European Tourists Love Kenyan call girls and escorts girls in Nairobi Raha

Nairobi Raha::Kenyan sex, or simply sex in Kenya or if u prefer Kenya sex, is a hot topic among sex tourist in Kenya.  Hey i decided to write this story coz its real and all ladies who have done it can attest to the facts.

First, and don’t try to deny this, u have seen those jung’us with Kenyan girls. Have u ever seen a jungu with Akinyi mwenye rasa imefika westie mwili ikiwa tao? Why? Thin Kenyan girls do know how to screw n do the magical Kenyan 5ex. Second reason why jung’us love those thin Kenyan ladies is because, most sex tourists in Kenya have weird 5exual behaviors. Most of the guys love kunfungua boot. They say 5ex in Kenya is special coz most of those Kenyan girls hawajawahi funguliwa boot… (but ladies if u ever have been funguliwa, share with us, ama jamaa kama unafunguanga, share it here).

So the thin Kenyan girls when they stay doggy style, n they bend forward, the ass opens wide n the mzungu is able to have a clear view of her ass as well as clear penetration of her asshole…… if ushawahi manga dame ako na rasa kubwa, doggy style, u understand what am saying. Ni ngumu sana kuingiza dicki hata kwa senye.
Another reason, and am saying this out of experience with Nairobi raha girls karumaindo mapoko na three aden mapoko, Kenyan girls and nairobi escorts have a unique way of screaming that makes the guy fuck even harder……though at times poko anafikiria juu ya rent. You see, sex in Kenya is special, atleast to the white guys. They Kenyan girls will scream n thank you a million times for fucking them.

By the way the poko I fucked from karumaindo had asked me niongeze mia moja apige nduru kabisa. The other reason is that, Kenyan 5ex is cheap. What with 5 dollars, considering the inflation, that is 500 bob, unkula senye mpaka morning. One guy was quoted saying….kenya 5ex the best. He was an italiano. 

There is one Kenyan girl who told me they were f*cked 2 ladies by one guy coz he was paying each 5,000. This Kenyan girl from the village had nothing to loose n everything to gain for being one of the supplier of Kenyan 5ex to 5ex tourists.

She told me this guy swallowed some tabs before they engaged him. Oooh boy….they guy wakati alisimamisa, he went for like 5hrs bila kumwaga. This ladies were at first enjoying but kutoka kitu 2hrs, hahahaha considering each 1hr, they were screaming in pain.

The guy alindunga mkundu, then he is fucking like ako na vibrator kwa mgongo… chachachachachacha…. jamaa hachoki na hamwagi…. akiona huyu ameumia, anakuanya anaingia dame 2…..kuma for lubrication then mkundu….the girls could not put up any fainted. Then the guy had put a tape recorder on and he was recording the whole Kenyan sex movie. Mennnnnn what a fuck

So if u hear ur sis ama cuzo ama any Kenyan girl ako na mzungu….chances are that, she can withstand high velocity anal f*ck than u can f*ck an old mamas pussy.

Enjoy Kenyan 5ex, love sex in Kenya.

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